What is the LifeVantage Income Opportunity?

The LifeVantage Income Opportunity is a direct selling business that uses an MLM compensation model, also known as Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing. This model offers independent contractor distributors an opportunity to earn income in the form of commissions, bonuses, and other incentives by selling LifeVantage® products directly to customers instead of relying on traditional retail outlets or online marketplaces. LifeVantage Distributors can, and often do, build sales teams by enrolling a network of other independent contractor distributors for the purpose of earning more income by leveraging their own sales efforts with the sales efforts of their team (i.e. “leveraged income”). For more information about the direct selling distribution channel, go to www.dsa.org/about/direct-selling.

The LifeVantage income opportunity is NOT a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is an illegal marketing scheme that compensates independent sales representatives primarily for recruiting new participants, as opposed to compensating sales representatives for selling products to customers and other sales representatives, who in turn either use the products or sell them to other end users. LifeVantage Distributors earn commissions based on product sales and not recruiting. LifeVantage Distributors must be cautious not to mischaracterize or misrepresent the LifeVantage income opportunity as an illegal pyramid scheme by focusing too much on recruiting other Distributors or implying that Distributors are compensated for their recruiting efforts. Moreover, Distributors should not make exaggerated or outrageous, non-typical income claims, because the FTC considers these claims to be indicative of an illegal pyramid scheme.

What are the benefits of Direct Selling?

The benefits of direct selling include:

  • Low cost of entry / start-up costs.
    • The only required start-up cost to become a LifeVantage Distributor is the purchase of a Start Kit for US $50 (optional where prohibited by law).
  • Low overhead costs.
    • LifeVantage provides its Distributors all business “back-office” functions, including shipping, order fulfillment, marketing/advertising materials, replicated website, and training.
  • No inventory requirements.
    • LifeVantage Distributors don’t need to buy and store inventory, because LifeVantage takes care of stocking, order fulfillment, and shipping direct to consumer.
  • Flexibility.
    • LifeVantage Distributors have the flexibility to:
      • set their own working hours,
      • create their own marketing plans,
      • determine whether to build a sales team, who to work with, and how best to mentor those individuals,
      • determine how to service their customers,
      • take time off whenever they need to (without having to clear it with a supervisor), and
      • work from home or any location where they have access to WiFi, Internet, and mobile phone service.
    • The LifeVantage income opportunity is truly a “portable business.”
  • Be your own boss/CEO.
    • LifeVantage Distributors are entrepreneurs, who work independently and don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves or worry about climbing the traditional “corporate ladder” to achieve their success. LifeVantage Distributors can build and grow their own independent small business and run those businesses the way they see fit.

How can I market the LifeVantage income opportunity? How can I tell
my personal success story?

  • You can talk about the benefits of direct selling set out above.
  • You can use direct selling facts and industry statistics to help people understand the importance of direct selling to the economy, and the size and scope of the direct selling industry. See www.dsa.org/statistics-insights.
  • You can use approved company marketing materials, including information about the LifeVantage opportunity found on the LifeVantage website at www.lifevantage.com.
  • You can tell people about how the LifeVantage Sales Compensation Plan works (see https://cdn.lifevantage.com/wpcontent/uploads/sites/1/2020/05/12130018/sales-and-compensation-plan-20200505.pdf), and disclose the amount of income you earn, as well as share examples of reasonable hypothetical and potential earnings that are possible with the LifeVantage income opportunity, as long as you show the Average Annual Earnings Disclosure document as part of your discussion.
    • See https://cdn.lifevantage.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/1/2020/09/15223546/averageearnings-disclosure-20200306.pdf.
  • You can show people the “fruits” of your labors that you have purchased with your LifeVantage earnings, such as homes, recreational vehicles, jewelry, pictures of vacations, etc., as long as you show the Average Annual Earnings Disclosure document as part of your discussion.
    • See https://www.lifevantage.com/us-en/wp-content/uploads/sites/1/2020/09/average-earnings-disclosure-20200306.pdf. If you show images or pictures of these things on social media, you MUST also include a reference or link to the Average Annual Earnings Disclosure document.
  • You can talk about earning a leveraged income by building a sales team to market and sell LifeVantage® products (i.e., leverage your team’s sales efforts with your own sales efforts to increase your earnings potential).
  • You can talk about the LifeVantage income opportunity using any of the following “Compliance Approved” terms/terminology, as options for using the inappropriate “buzz” words or phrases that are too often used by direct sellers to explain how direct selling works. These buzz words and phrases often mischaracterize the direct selling earnings opportunity and may be inaccurate and misleading (and are terms the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) search online to help find inappropriate marketing activity by direct selling companies and their independent sales representatives).
Problematic PhotosCompliance Approved Photos
Financial FreedomEconomic Flexibility or Latitude
Financial IndependenceEconomic Self-Reliance
Fire Your BossThrough the LifeVantage Sales Compensation Plan, I was able to build a successful direct selling business
Ground Floor OpportunityEarly or First
Guaranteed IncomeEarned Compensation
Make moneyEarn Income through selling product
Passive, Residual, or Permanent IncomeLeveraged Income
Quit Your Job, college, or schoolCover your bases; Expand your options/choices
Replace your IncomeSupplement your income or Change Income source
RetireAbility to spend more time… with those I love, doing what you love to do; fishing, gardening, etc.
Time FreedomTime Flexibility
Stay at Home Mom or DadHome based Entrepreneur & Parent
Significant Earning PotentialSignificant Earning Potential thru consistently selling product
Lifestyle-Changing IncomeLifestyle Changing Income through consistently selling product
Make a six-figure incomeSupplemental Income
Investment or Investing – Do not refer to the LifeVantage income opportunity as an “investment,” which implies the opportunity is an unregistered security, and that’s not what LifeVantage offers. For example, do not say, “LifeVantage was the best investment I ever made.”You may use the terms, “invest,” “investment,” or “investing,” BUT ONLY in the context of investing time and effort to build your LifeVantage business or making an investment in your personal / business development.
Top 5% IncomeSupplemental Income
Problematic PhotosCompliance Approved Photos
Descriptions or images of opulent mansions, private helicopters, private jets, yachts, exotic automobiles, or any substantially similar descriptions or images.Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC): Descriptions or images of regular/typical middle-class homes, boats, cars, trips, etc. are NOT ALLOWED!

Photos and images of the My Life Venture Jeep or other rewards, and other company sponsored incentives, or items you have acquired personally with your LifeVantage earnings are an exception (“look what I earned!”), but you must use the Average Annual Earnings Disclosure in connection with showing these photos and images.
Problematic DisclaimersCompliance Approved Disclaimers
Citing specific dollar amountsAlways use Average Annual Earnings Disclosure! Standard: Clear and conspicuous and proximity!